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Mystras, Greece
Dimitris Pap

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Just went diving at the Bay of Bones. #bayofbones #diving #scuba #lakeohrid #macedonia #Македонија (at Museum on Water “bay of the Bones” - Gradiste)

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Lopud, Croatia (by Nev Buchanan)

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"For who could have anticipated that Simeon, who for his great wisdom, for the favour shown him by heaven, has led the Bulgarian nation to a height of glory, who more than any man detests knavery, who honours justice, who abominates injustice, who is above all sensual pleasures." -Nicholas Mystikos

May 27, 927 -Simeon I the Great, the first Bulgar Emperor, dies in his capital of Preslav. Simeon had led Bulgaria to it’s territorial zenith, occupying most of the Balkans, and becoming the dominant power in Eastern Europe. He also oversaw the Golden Age of Bulgarian culture, ruling during a time of unmatched prosperity for his people, and leading them to victories over all their neighbors, be they Byzantine, Serbs, or Magyar. 

Picture- Portrait of tsar Simeon I the Great, D. Giudjenov, 1927

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Late 19th Century


Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina (by Travis Miller)

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Eugenia Maximova - Kitchen stories from the Balkans 


We drove along Lake Ohrid. The color of the water… well see for yourself! #ohrid #Охрид #Македонија #macedonia #lakeohrid

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Belgrade, Serbia (by Petar Tosic)

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